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Kantonbern Map

Lauterbrunnen is a busy little place; very much at the heart of its branch of the Lütschinen valley. At its centre is the railway station, a modern steel and glass structure with a large multi-storey car park tucked discreetly behind it in the valley below. From here the public transport links to the car-free villages of Wengen and Mürren radiate, as well as buses to some of the smaller villages.

Standing on the station one interesting side effect of the geography is that this is one of the few places where you can get an idea of what the old country goods yards must have felt like.

There is still a significant amount of general goods traffic to the underground goods depot at Wengen which is built underneath the passenger station and is, therefore, almost invisible.

The main road south from Lauterbrunnen runs along the eastern side of the valley, leaving the minor road on western side more or less traffic-free. There is a pleasant walk to be had going along this road and coming back along the riverside path. There are good views of the famous Staubbach Waterfall.