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Kantonbern Map

Last Visited: 2006

Pfingstegg Map

Starting from the top of the Pfingstegg Cable Car, this walk follows the track along the side of the mountain with marvellous views over the upper Grindelwald valley.

It goes through the Breitlouwina Tunnel (see below) and, after a short uphill climb, reaches the Restaurant Milchbach.

There Peter Bohren will show you a photograph of of the Upper Grindelwald Glacier in the 1970s when it used to flow under his Terrasse, whilst doing an almost perfect impression of Leonard Rossiterʼs Rigsby from Rising Damp. The glacier is no longer visible from the café.

From there, the path descends rapidly to the valley floor, and up to the Hotel Wetterhorn, were you can catch the bus back into Grindelwald.

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Breitlouwina Tunnel

Breitlouwina Tunnel

The Swiss have a way of surprising you in all sorts of unlikely places. About half way along the path from Pfingstegg to Milchbach I could see some slippery looking scree covered rocks up ahead, and it looked as if we might be in for a bit of a scramble.

No danger of that. The locals had built a tunnel (the Breitlouwina Tunnel) behind the rocks, complete with a "window" looking out through the three drops of water that constituted a waterfall in someoneʼs imagination, and solar powered lighting.

The Christmas decorations left over from what was presumably the opening celebrations just added to the sense of the surreal.