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Ceredigion Map

The most stressful thing about visiting the Devils Bridge Falls is the walk along the busy, largely pavementless road from the railway station.

The second most stressful, is the walk down to the bottom of the Falls Nature Trail and, more to the point, back up again to the road; 675 steep uneven natural stone steps in all.

Compared to which the 300 steps on the other side of the road to the Devil's Punchbowl are a doddle.

As the official site points out, "the walks are not necessarily suitable for the elderly, disabled, asthmatic or for those who suffer from vertigo or heart conditions"

The Devil's Bridge is built over the River Mynach which carves out the twisting gully of the Devil's Punchbowl before squeezing through a narrow slit in the rocks under the bridge, then plunging down the side of the valley in the spectacular Mynach Falls.

I say bridge but there are in fact three bridges one on top of the other. The oldest dates from the 12th century. This was was thought to be unstable and was superseded by the second bridge 1753, which provided a more level approach

This in turn was replaced by the wider iron road bridge in 1901, around the same time as the Vale of Rheidol Railway opened.