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Cork Map

Last Visited: 2010

According to the display board at Caus Quay there is a circular walk called the Pulleen Loop that starts a little way up the road, runs out to Dog Point and returns to the quay closer to the coast via Caus Caves.

This could well be the case. However, the temptation to go and look at the caves, proved too much, so I decided to try to do the walk backwards. Then, having got to Dog Point, the pull of the coast was so strong that I returned back along the seaward path.

There are yellow posts marking the way but, on the seaward path at least, these should be regarded as aspirations rather than targets. The actual well trodden path runs 5-10 meters inland of many of the posts.

Either way, you canʼt get lost, and it is a grand bit of coastline walking.

Cuas Caves

Eastern Entrance

Eastern Entrance

Western Entrance

Western Entrance

Whilst the caves may be natural, I suspect that they are in fact old prehistoric or early medieval copper mines (Danish Works, as they are known locally).

The Y-shaped cave and the deep trench that runs along the back of the caves look suspiciously man-made to me, and there is some red staining to rocks around the eastern land-side entrance that may be due to mineral deposits.