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Cornwall Map

The Bodmin and Wenford Railway consists of two stretches of line and trains alternate between the two lines. They both leave Bodmin General station and head steeply down hill, one to meet the main line at Bodmin Parkway, and the other to meet the disused Wadebridge to Bodmin North line (now the Camel Trailway cycle track) at Boscarne Junction.

Doing both halves in one day induces a sense of déjà vu, and is probably only for the dedicated enthusiast.

When I was there quite a lot of people seemed to have taken the morning train down to Boscarne, hired bikes to explore the southern end of the trailway and were catching the afternoon train up. This seems like a good way to enjoy this leg of the railway. Otherwise stick to the Parkway branch as there is rather more to see going that way.

Plans are already being laid to extend the line along the trailway to Grogley, with the long term aim of restoring the whole of the Bodmin to Wadebridge line.

Wonder if they'll ever get to Padstow? Now that would be a fine run.

Check the Bodmin and Wenford Railway's website for opening times etc.