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Prideaux Place



Cornwall Map

Last Visited: 1997

Prideaux Place is one of those stately homes you could actually imagine living in. This is partly because it is still a family home, but mainly it is a matter of scale; it feels as though it was built for ordinary human beings to live in, and not for great nobles.

Entrance Front
Entrance Front

The original Tudor house, built in 1592, was altered in the 18th century to include some Grinling Gibbons carvings from the nearby demolished Grenville Mansion, and a Strawberry Hill Gothic wing and library where added in 1799.

The gardens are in the Italian style with a classical temple, a grotto and an arbour displaying Roman antiquities, but I will chiefly remember Prideaux Place for the wonderful views over the Camel Estuary.

Check the Prideaux Place website for opening times etc.