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Heage Windmill



Derbyshire Map

Last Visited: 2011

Heage Windmill is one of only four surviving six-sailed tower mills in the UK, the others being Waltham Windmill, Sibsey Trader Windmill and Wymondham Windmill. It is also the only one of these four with a tower built of stone rather than brick.

When it was first built in around 1797 it had four sails. However, following the destruction of the cap and sails in a gale 1894, it was rebuilt with six.

Heage Windmill

Heage Windmill

It closed in 1919 after the fan-tail was hit by another gale and proved uneconomical to repair.

Over the years the windmill became derelict, until it was bought by Derbyshire County Council in 1966. They undertook some basic restoration work, but it was not until 1997, when the Heage Windmill Society was formed, that a serious attempt was made to bring the mill back to working order.

It re-opened to the public on the 1st June 2002, and now produces its own range of stone-ground flours, which are sold both on site and in the local farmers╩╝ markets.