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Last Visited: 2009

The Beach - Sidmouth

The Beach - Sidmouth

No matter how often I visit this area, the colour of the rocks always comes as a shock.

It is hard to imagine now that when the New Red Sandstones were laid down in the late Triassic period, this area was part of a vast desert. Who knows, with global warming it might not be too long before it is again.

Whilst nowhere near as popular as it was in its Regency and Victorian heyday, Sidmouth is still a busy seaside resort.

There is a nice short walk to be had along the walkway under the cliffs to the west of the town, up either the stairs known as Jacob╩╝s Ladder, built in 1870, or the more modern zigzag, through the Connaught Gardens (possibly stopping off at the splendid Lime Kiln Tea Rooms) and back along the top of the cliffs.