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Blue Pool



Dorset Map

Last Visited: 2007

Opened in 1935, the Blue Pool is one of those gloriously eccentric tourist attractions that nobody would think of opening these days. Basically itʼs just a pool - that looks blue, if you catch it on the right day, and the Tea Room; a thrilling day out in the 1930s.

Actually, itʼs a pleasant day out even now. The blueness of the water is caused by clay particles; for this was once the site of Pike Brothers clay pit, and it was linked to Poole Harbour by a narrow gauge tramway.

Walking through the lush vegetation that now surrounds the pool, it is difficult to imagine that this was once an industrial site.

The original 1935 Tea Room is still there but has been augmented by such modern excitements as a Museum, a Gift Shop and a Plant Centre. For opening times etc. please go to the Blue Poolʼs official web site.