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Dorset Map

A little gem this. Perched on the top of what, for these parts, is quite a high hill, the largely 18th century church still retains its original box pews.

The earliest parts of the church date from the Early English period (1190-1280) but only the East Window, the Piscina on the South Wall of the Chancel and a few other minor remains from this period are visible, including a blocked lancet window in the outside of the North Wall.

There are three large box pews on the South side. Originally the largest of these at the front was allotted to the tenant of Chalbury Farm, the second to the tenant of Didlington Farm, and the third was for the tenant of Uppington Farm. The long seat on the South side of the Chancel was reserved for the Rectory servants, and the raised seat on the North of the Chancel was for the Earl of Pembroke and his family.

The large three-decker pulpit with its emphasis on 'the preaching of the Word' is typical of the post-Reformation period

Apparently, close to the Rectory there was once a cottage called Telegraph Cottage, which contained the remains of an iron spiral staircase.

This marked the spot where a 'Telegraph' existed on the hill, which was part of a line of semaphore posts erected on high sites from Plymouth to Whitehall, London, used to transmit messages during the Napoleonic War.


As well as the longer Chalbury Walk, detailed separately, there is also a pleasant short stroll to be had from the churchyard along the footpath that leads across the neighbouring field (which can get a bit boggy, if the cows are grazing it).

From there the path continues over a stile and between hedge banks with wonderful views over towards Badbury Rings.

The path comes out on the Hinton Martell to Chalbury Common Road and, by turning right through Uppington and right again past Uppington Farm, you can return to Chalbury Church along quiet country roads. There are good views across to Horton Tower as you return to Chalbury

Whilst in the area, don't miss Hinton Martell and its fountain.