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Dorset Map

Rawlsbury Camp is a small pear-shaped Iron Age hill fort on a spur of Bulbarrow Hill.

Interestingly, the camp is situated below the summit of the hill, a defensively weak position but with superb views.

This just goes to show that, as at Badbury Rings, the walls were more about regulating who came in and out of the site, and advertising its presence.

On the highest point is a circular seat, around what is described as a 'rough cross'. According to the comment below, this was erected in 1966. It was once the site one of the Armada Beacons, and was later used as a hilltop telegraph station during the Napoleonic Wars.

Back in 2011 the cross was in a very dilapidated state, and appeared to be on the point of collapse. It has since been restored, as this photograph taken in 2019 shows.

Although not technically Open Access land, if you follow the track to the left of the fort it is possible to circumnavigate the walls; a pleasant, if short, walk.