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Fontmell Downs



Dorset Map

Last Visited: 2011

A 3.5km (2ml) stride along Fontmell Down, a spur of chalk sticking out into the Vale of Blackmore with some of the finest views anywhere in Dorset, and that is saying a lot.

The paths can be a bit indistinct in places, but letʼs face it, youʼre never in any real danger of getting lost. Being on chalk it is usually good going underfoot. Probably best visited in the autumn, when the trees are turning.

Cups of tea are available at the nearby Compton Abbas Airfield.

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Although the route out to the end is straight forward, on the way back there are three alternatives:

Itʼs a matter of personal preference, of course, but Iʼm beginning to get a bit obsessed by the level of traffic noise we have to put up with, so you can guess which one I prefer.