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Gibraltar Map

The lower station of the Cable Car is on the western side of Grand Parade, a former military parade ground, now used as a car park.

The Cable Car was originally constructed in April 1966 by Von Roll of Switzerland, and was extensively refurbished by the manufacturers in 1986.

It is quite a small affair with a capacity of 30 people per cabin.

The distance to the top station is 673m, a vertical rise of 352m. For operating times and ticket prices, please see the Gibraltar Info site below.

The top station, is a modern concrete, steel and glass affair that fits in with its surroundings surprisingly well. It is built on the site of the old Signal Hill Battery. Nothing remains of the battery, other than the ruins of the WWII support buildings, which included a guard house and stores.

The site takes its name from the old Signal Station built here in 1727.

Despite the copious warnings, it easy to forget that the Barbary Macaques, lovely though they are, can be a be a bit of a nuisance.

When I was there, one woman walked out of the main building clutching her newly purchased souvenirs in a paper bag, only to see them strewn all over the terrace, by a monkey looking for food.