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Gwynedd Map

With a gauge of only 12¼" (311mm) the Fairbourne Railway is always going to be a "toy train". However, it is a toy train on which you can take a real journey.

From Fairbourne Station the train runs down to the end of Penrhyn Point, a sand spit that sticks out into the Mawddach estuary opposite Barmouth.

Although the sea is hidden behind the sea wall for most of the way, there are fine views inland.

For information on timetables, ticket prices, etc. please see the Fairbourne's official site detailed below.

From the end of the spit you can catch a ferry across to Barmouth and, having enjoyed the many delight of this town, catch a Cambrian Coast Line train across the impressive Barmouth Bridge back to Fairbourne.

Catch it whilst you can, as the railway struggled financially following the death of its major benefactor, Prof Tony Atkinson, and has recently become a charity.