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Snowdon Mountain Railway



Gwynedd Map

Last Visited: 1995

Queue, queue and queue again was the order of the day when I visited the Snowdon Mountain Railway (Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa) in 1995. Once to get a chitty to tell you what time to join the queue for the ticket office. Once to buy the tickets; then a wait on the platform to board the train.

Up to the summit, queue to climb to the top of the summit cairn, giving precedence, of course, to those who have actually walked up. A quick look round, then itʼs back on the train you came up on (in high season anyway), and back down to the bottom. Through the gift shop and out onto the pavement feeling slightly dazed.

I suppose the cattle truck approach is inevitable, given the numbers that they have to deal with. Itʼs a shame but, provided you choose a day when the summit is clear, the views more than make up for the hassles. Presumably it is better mid-season, but then the chances of it being clear are also reduced.

Check the Snowdon Mountain Railwayʼs website for opening times etc. As you will see from Jonathan Tylerʼs comments below, the railway has been making strenuous efforts to improve the visitor experience.