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St John's, Farley Chamberlayne



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Last Visited: 2017

The Exterior
The Exterior

Given that there are only three or four houses nearby, it is quite surprising that St Johns Church, Farley Chamberlayne is still in use and is well cared for.

When the church was built in the 12th-century there was a thriving village here, but in the middle ages the Black Death killed so many of the inhabitants that it was abandoned leaving only a few lumps and bumps in the surrounding fields.

As a result the church has hardly been altered, and is an almost perfect example of a small Norman church. The only significant changes are to the windows, which are believed to have been altered in the eighteenth century.

Looking slightly out of place but very handsome is the modern font. This was consecrated by the Bishop of Winchester on Advent Sunday 2000 to commemorate the millennium.

Just visible as you approach the church is Farley Mount. Although only a mile away as the crow flies, by road it's around 5½ miles (9 km) via Standon.