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The Southsea-Ryde Hovercraft



Hampshire Map

Last Visited: 2017

AP1-88 Island ExpressArriving Ryde

AP1-88 Island Express
Arriving Ryde

Catch it whilst you can. Hovertravel╩╝s Ryde to Southsea service is the only operational hovercraft ferry service in the UK and one of less than a handful in the world.

I am now reaching an age where technologies that were developed in my lifetime are now becoming outdated and are disappearing. Concorde has gone, as have, for all intents and purposes, cassette tapes.

Freedom 90 and Island Express, Ryde

Freedom 90 and
Island Express, Ryde

Now it looks like passenger carrying hovercraft may be on their way out too, replaced by the quieter, more fuel efficient and more wave tolerant fast catamarans.

Whilst hovercraft will, presumably, still have a role as military craft and as specialist search and rescue vehicles, with such a small market it is difficult to see how building replacements for the existing fleet of passenger carrying craft can ever be economically viable.