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Winchester Cathedral



Hampshire Map

Last Visited: 2015

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral was looking a bit sorry for itself when I visited early in 2015. It is undergoing a major restoration and the east end was covered in scaffolding. Still I managed to get a few shots.

Not the prettiest of cathedrals from the outside, it has to be said, with its tiny squat tower and overlong nave; the interior, however, goes some way to make up for this.

Here the length of the nave is impressive, especially when seen from the first floor treasury in the west end of the north aisle.

For opening times, admission prices, etc. please see the official site, detailed below.

Although it can trace its roots back to 642, the building we see today was consecrated in 1093. The crypt and transepts of this building remain today, but most of the rest was replaced in the twelfth, fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.