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Hamble-le-Rice and Warsash Walk


Starting from the Bofurs anti-aircraft gun emplacement by the car park at the end of School Lane, this walk takes in the "sights" of Hambledon Common before heading into the village.

It then crosses the river on the ferry, and follows the river bank through Warsash down to the Solent. Here there is another Bofurs anti-aircraft gun emplacement.

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Although it is possible to loop back round behind the salt marsh via Hook Park Road, this has little to commend it.

Having retraced our steps through Hamble, however, there is then an alternative route back to the car park along the edge of the creek.

Solent Breezes
Solent Breezes

From the Warsash end of the walk it is possible to follow the Solent Way along the foreshore as far as the Solent Breezes Holiday Park, passing the entrance to the CEGB Fawley Tunnel on the way.

The Solent Way then turns inland round the back of the caravan site to rejoin the coast on the other side. As the notice at the Meon Shore end makes clear, there is nothing interesting known about this stretch of coast. Nice views though.