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Eastbridge Hospital



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Last Visited: 2012

Eastbridge Hospital

Eastbridge Hospital

The Eastbridge Hospital is easily overlooked as you walk down the busy High Street, but is well worth investigating.

It was founded in 1190 by one Edward FitzOdbold to provide accommodation for the ever increasing numbers of pilgrims to the shrine of Thomas Becket who was murdered some twenty years earlier.

Not a hospital in the sense that we use it today, but rather a place of hospitality.

It went into decline after the Shrine was destroyed in 1538, and was converted into almshouses in 1584. Thus it has remained to this day, housing up to ten old people who have connections to Canterbury.

The crypt, chapel and refectory are open to the public for a modest fee. For opening times, please see the official web site, detailed below. This also details the nearby Greyfriars Chapel accessed via Stour Street.