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Isle of Grain



Kent Map

Last Visited: 2012

The Beach
The Beach

Driving out to the end of the Isle of Grain in the early evening, I kept finding myself being reminded of Dungeness

Whilst not nearly as weird, the flat land, huge industrial buildings and the general bleakness of the landscape all conspire to give it an other worldly appearance.

Apart from the church and the ancient pub, Grain village has little to commend it. At the end of the High Street there is a car park, and from here it is a short walk to the point where the rivers Medway and Thames meet and together pour into the North Sea.

Looking across the Medway to Sheerness, Grain Tower can be seen on the edge of the deep channel. This was built in 1855 to defend both the entrance to the River Medway and the sea front of Sheerness. It was upgraded in the early 20th Century and again during World War II.