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Knightstown (An Chois)



Kerry Map

Last Visited: 1998

Knightstown (sometimes rendered Knightʼs Town or An Chois in the Gaelic) was designed by the Scottish architect Alexander Nimmo for Peter George FitzGerald, 19th Knight of Kerry in 1840.

The place has a slightly Italian feel, apart from the Telegraph Station Houses built in 1868 which are resolutely English.

Interestingly the Lifeboat comes under the jurisdiction of the RNLI (or at least it did in 1998).

The skipper of the boat that took us out to Skellig Michael was a crew member and had been on a course down at the RNLI headquarters in Poole, Dorset just down the road from where I live. "I donʼt know if you know him. It was taken by a chap called ..."

Ones sense of scale is different when your on Valentia Island instead of Poole.