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Muckross Traditional Farms



Kerry Map

Last Visited: 1998

The Small Farm

The Small Farm

A great place this, in my book anyway, the Muckross Traditional Farms are not to be missed. Basically three farms (small, medium and large) as they would have been in the 1930s when the Muckross Estate was at its height, along with an number of other exhibits.

Plenty of costumed staff demonstrating various aspects of life in those days, and all absolutely unshakably in character (as far as I could make out). You really felt like a time traveler.

There are still a few of the traditional farmhouses around, such as the one I photographed at St Finianʼs Bay, but all too many of them have been replaced by modern bungalows (far more practical Iʼm sure, but …). Visiting the Traditional Farms certainly helps one to envisage what life must have been like for the people that lived in them, as well as allowing you to see inside.

For opening times, prices, etc. see the Muckross House, Gardens and Traditional Farms web site.