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Uragh Stone Circle



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Last Visited: 2010

Uragh Stone Circle

Uragh Stone Circle

Uragh Stone Circle is beautifully situated between the Clonee Loughs and Lough Inchaquin, with a view of the waterfall at Gleninchaquin Park in the distance.

It is, however, very strange. It is very small, and consists of five small stones that splay outwards like some orthodontists nightmare, with a very large standing stone next to them.

If they were vertical, the large stone would fit on top of the small ones very neatly.

Itʼs almost as if some antiquarian of old had taken some sort of wedge grave or quoit and "restored" it rather badly. In fact. Come to think of it …

As well as charging for parking, the local farmer has put up signs promising a fulacht fiadh, a standing stone, a famine house and other delights further up the side of the hill, much along the lines of the nearby Bonane Heritage Park.

After a long climb, we found a very ruined famine house and a small bolder that was not so much standing as leaning. We gave up at that point.