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All Saints, Beeston Regis



Norfolk Map

Last Visited: 2009

Beeston Regis Church

Beeston Regis Church

As you drive along the coast road between West Runton and Sheringham, if you blink youʼll miss Beeston Regis and its church, All Saints.

Once isolated on a cliff-top, it is now surrounded on two sides by a caravan park; the railway line and a more distant housing estate make up the other two, rather spoiling any sense of isolation.

The chief glory, and probably the only reason to go there (other than to worship of course), is the rood screen. It dates from the late 15th century, and incorporates twelve intensely coloured panels depicting the twelve apostles.

Also of note is the fine organ installed in 1990; very similar to the one at St Maryʼs, Little Walsingham, and presumably by the same designer.