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Last Visited: 2009

The Old Lifeboat Slipway

The Old Lifeboat Slipway

Happisburgh (pronounced Haseborough) is fast disappearing into the sea. There is a frightening set of aerial photos on the CCAG site, showing the extent of the losses.

This is due to the policy that in Government New Speak is known as Managed Retreat; it is not managed (where is the new housing to replace the old?) nor is it a retreat (itʼs a rout).

Happisburgh Manor (St Mary's)

Happisburgh Manor (St Mary's)

It is simply a short term cost cutting exercise that in the long run will cost us more.

Are they really going to let the church or Detmar Blowʼs fine Arts and Crafts Happisburgh Manor (pronounced St Maryʼs) fall into the sea? Are they going to allow the Broads to be flooded?

At some point they are going to have to draw the line, at which point Happisburgh will be even more of a headland sticking out into the sea, and even more difficult to defend.