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Holkham Bay



Norfolk Map

Last Visited: 2009

The Path Through The Trees
The Path Through The Trees

There are endless possibilities for walking in the Holkham Bay area.

Park in the Lady Anneʼs Road Car Park and follow the boardwalk through the belt of pines, which was planted to protect the dunes and the reclaimed salt marshes behind you.

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Head for the sea and then turn either left or right. I chose right, and headed eastwards along the shore.

When youʼve had enough, head for the pine trees, using the established paths to avoid damaging the dunes and the fragile seashore habitat.

Walk back through the pine belt, a very strange environment as, despite the sandy soil, there is no gorse and no heather or other scrub (on the seaward side anyway). Only short tough grass covering the soil. It reminded me of the New Forest, but of course here there is no stock grazing, it's all down to the salt laden winds, blowing in off the sea.