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Stmarysios Map

These days Old Town barely lives up to its name, the housing stock consisting mainly of post-war social housing.

However this is tucked discretely away out of sight, and in the old part of the village, it is just about possible to imagine the old settlement that grew up around the Norman Ennor Castle centuries before Hugh Town and the Garrison were ever thought of.

Of the castle, nothing remains except a large tree covered mound tucked away behind some houses. Difficult to spot, and almost impossible to photograph in a meaningful way (or at least beyond my skills).

It was of a 'shell keep' design, similar to, say, Clifford's Tower in York, but all the stone has been robbed out, and may have been incorporated into the Star Castle.

In addition to the fascinating Old Town Church, Old Town also boasts a pub and two cafés

Old Town is a ten minute walk from Hugh Town, passing the intriguingly named Nowhere.

With the building of the new Five Islands School, the built-up areas of Old Town and Hugh Town are now nearly contiguous, and they are beginning to feel like a single conurbation.