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Ndere Dancers



Uganda Map

Last Visited: 2008

The Ndere Dance Troupe was founded in 1986 with the aim of rekindling among Ugandans a sense of pride in their culture, and it appears to be succeeding judging by the make up of the audience, the majority of whom were not obvious tourists.

The Magic Stick
The Magic Stick

Every Sunday, they perform a show based loosely on the idea that groups of dancers from different parts of Uganda (as well as neighbouring Rwanda, Burundi and western Kenya) have to dance for the king and queen of Buganda and their daughter. Each tribe then puts forward a champion who has to break a magic white stick in order to win the hand of the princess in marriage.

Fittingly, it is the champion of the northern Ugandan people from the economically deprived Gulu region who wins the day.

Drinks and (if you want it, a chicken and chips barbeque) are served at the tables by an efficient crew of waiters and waitresses. The Ndere Centre is on the Outskirts of Kampala in the suburb of Ntinda. A 'special hire' taxi is probably your best bet.