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Bujagali Falls



Uganda Map

Last Visited: 2008

As these shots from 2008 show, the Bujagali Falls area was once one of outstanding natural beauty by anyoneʼs standards.

It was the main source of tourist income for the area with, not only, the white water rafting, but quad-biking, horse-riding and various other activities available.

It was all the more surprising, therefore, that the Bujagali Dam project was given the go ahead and that from November 2011 the falls were submerged by the new Bujagali Dam, and the whole area has been flooded.

Towards Bujagali

Towards Bujagali

As there is little or no power distribution infrastructure outside the main centres of population, only a relatively small number of Ugandans will benefit from the power generated and most of it will be exported, earning valuable foreign currency, no doubt, but quite who for remains to be seen.

I canʼt help feeling that the millions the project cost could have been better spent on low-cost solar panels that could be fitted to each house and provide enough power for a fridge, a mobile phone charger and an electric light or two. However, thatʼs not nearly as sexy as a big hydro-electric dam.