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To be honest, for us, Ishasha in the far south-west of the QENP near the border with the Congo, was a bit of a disappointment. The highlight of any visit to this area is the tree-climbing lions.

Nobody is quite sure why the lions in this area have taken to climbing the trees, but what ever the reason is, it did not apply when we were there. Our guide reckoned it was too cold.

I never thought I'd hear myself complaining about it being too cold in Africa.

So we were left with a long, bumpy and extremely uncomfortable drive down the dirt track from Katinguru in the north, a lot of forlorn staring into giant fig trees and our first sight of some topi.

On the plus side, we did get to stay at the lovely Ishasha Wilderness Camp. Unlike most places in Uganda which struggle to make the mark, here they go the extra mile. It is also blissfully quiet compared to our previous nights at Jacana Lodge