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Uganda Map

The Kazinga Channel boat trip is probably the most popular activity in the QENP and rightly so. It is also the only place in Uganda that we came across Americans in any numbers.

The boats leave the landing stage below the Mweya Lodge Hotel four times a day for a trip that lasts about two hours.

Buffalo, hippo and (in the afternoons at least) elephant are virtually guaranteed along with a wealth of bird life.

Of the birds, most memorable for me were the pair of fish eagles throwing their heads back and making the most extrodinary calls.

In the late afternoon you also get to see the men from the fishing village of Kazinga on the opposite shore of the channel to Mweya, setting out in their flimsy boats for the night's fishing. They go out at night to avoid the hippos (which, of course, graze on land at night and spend the days in the water). Hippos, as is well know, kill far more humans in African than any other large animal.

It was also interesting watching the elephants and the goats interacting, not something you see in your average UK wildlife park. One of the elephants had evidently had enough and hooshed them, at which point the goats suddenly remembered an urgent appointment back in the village, and made their way home.