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Uganda Map

Last Visited: 2008

Bujagali from Naminya

Bujagali from Naminya

Naminya, in so far as it exists at all, is home to the excellent Nile Horseback Safaris.

Unfortunately they have to impose a weight restriction on their riders as the only horses they can get hold of in Uganda are ex-show jumpers from South Africa.

Still, this meant that I had the opportunity to walk down to the Nile and take some photos of the Bujagali Falls from the western bank, taking in some of the Ugandan flora and fauna, whilst the rest of the family were off enjoying the horses.

Since these photos were taken in 2008, this area has seen big changes as a result of the completion of the Bujagali Dam project in 2012 when the falls were submerged and the whole area flooded.