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San Giorgio Maggiore



Venice Map

Last Visited: 2013

San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore

The little island of San Giorgio Maggiore is the inevitable back drop to almost every photograph taken on the St Markʼs waterfront.

The church and monastery were built between 1559 and 1580, and are considered one of Andrea Palladioʼs greatest achievements.

After the monastery was suppressed in 1797, the island had a chequered history, becoming a free port and then the headquarters of the artillery, before assuming its current role as cultural centre hosting international events and exhibitions.

Looking South from the Campanile

Looking South from the Campanile

The Church and the Campanile are open every day; the rest of the site is only accessible by guided tours at weekends or for exhibitions.

Entry to the church is by donation; the campanile, which has an internal lift, costs €5 making it €3 cheaper than the one in St Markʼs Square. It is also much less crowded.

The views from the top are stunning, not least those to the south of Venice, an area otherwise difficult to see and visit.