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Surprisingly, the 252 metres (827 ft) high Donauturm is not, and never has been a television mast, although these days it does carry cell phone and private VHF radio station aerials.

It was built as the centre piece of the 1964 Vienna International Garden Show.

The architect was Professor Hannes Lintl, and 50 years later it is still the tallest structure in Austria.

The show also featured a chairlift that glided along above the flower beds, and a miniature train that wended its way between the rose gardens in what was later to become the Donaupark (Danube Park). The railway is still with us, but sadly the chairlift is no more.

150 metres (490 ft) up there is a viewing platform and a rotating restaurant and café. Both the restaurant and the café are relatively expensive and get booked up well in advance.

There are two high-speed elevators. These have glass ceilings allowing you to see right up the inside of the tower. Fortunately they don't have glass floors.

The views from the viewing platform over Vienna towards the Leopoldsberg and Kahlenberg hills are needless to say stunning.

For opening times admission prices, menus, etc. please see the official site detailed below.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the Donauturm from the centre of Vienna is to take the U-Bahn line U1 north-east to Kaisermuehlen VIC Station. Turn left as you come out of the station and follow the signs to the Austria Centre, until you see the yellow Donauturm signs. If in doubt head for the big pointy thing. (map)

Alternatively, if you are looking for somewhere to eat that is cheaper and less booked up than the restaurant and café at the top of the tower, one stop closer in to the city centre at Donauinsel (Danube Island) is a pleasant area between the riverbeds of the Danube with an almost seaside air.

From here you can walk through Donaupark to the tower.