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Dunganstown Castle



Wicklow Map

Last Visited: 1999

Monument St Kevin's Church, Dunganstown

Monument St Kevin's Church, Dunganstown

In his A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837), one Samuel Lewis had this to say about Dunganstown Castle:

"The surrounding scenery is pleasingly diversified, embracing extensive mountain and sea views, and the neighbourhood is enlivened with several gentlemenʼs seats and villas, of which the principal are ... Dunganstown Castle, the property of the coheiresses of the late F. Hoey, Esq., and now in the occupation of M. Wright, Esq., the only remains are one square tower and an extensive range of domestic buildings, partially covered with ivy."

One hundred and seventy years later, nothing much has changed. The castle is in private ownership and is not open to the public.