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Last Visited: 2011

I feel a bit sorry for Staithes. It would be the picturesque jewel in the crown of many a stretch of coastline.

Unfortunately, with Robin Hoodʼs Bay and, to a lesser extent, Runswick Bay just down the coast, poor old Staithes is somewhat over-shadowed.

Part of the problem is that, although it has the narrow streets, alleyways and quaint houses, unlike the other two, it does not have a long sandy beach.

Instead, the whole bay is enclosed within the harbour walls. These would have stood it in good stead in times past when it was one of the largest fishing ports on the north east coast, but now limit its appeal as a tourist destination.

Boulby Potash Mine

Boulby Potash Mine

As well as fishing, Staithes was also an important centre for mineral production. Jet, ironstone and alum shale have all peen produced here in the past.

Just to the north of the town the Boulby Potash Mine is still in production, and is one of the deepest mines in the United Kingdom.