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Hole of Horcum



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Last Visited: 2011

The Hole of Horcum

The Hole of Horcum

The Hole of Horcum was created by a giant named Wade who grabbed a 'handful' of earth from here to throw at his wife, Bell.

The soil missed its target and landed to form Blakey Topping an 800ft (240m) high hill that lies a mile of so east of here.

Alternatively, this vast 400ft (125m) deep natural hollow measuring the measures three-quaters of a mile (1.2km) across was naturally eroded over thousands of years by the action of springs.

All I know is I wouldn╩╝t want to meet Bell on a dark night, let alone Wade.

Park in the large Saltergate car park on the A169. Cross the road and go down the steps to the lower path. Turn right and follow this path, which runs roughly parrallel to the road. When you come to the top of the zig-zag, take the broad track that leads along the top of the ridge.

Turn right, just before you reach Seavy Pond (it is the first track of any substance you come to on the right-hand side). Follow this track up to the edge of Newtondale.

View in Google Earth

From here you have fine views towards Skelton Tower, built in 1850 by a former vicar of Levisham, the Reverend Robert Skelton, who clamed to use it to write his sermons but some say that he escaped here to enjoy a quiet drink.

Looking on Google Earth it would appear to be possible to take the path that slopes down the hill to the north and return along the lower level to the top of the zig-zag. We, however, retraced our steps, as the views are so good.