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Edmondsham to Cranborne Castle


Park in the lay-by by the pump at the east end of the village.

  1. Past the Pump

    Take the track signposted Bridleway to Cranborne Castle.

    Lat:50° 54' 7.3'' N(50.902028°)
    Long:1° 54' 29.2'' W(-1.908104°)
    OSSU 06558 11400
    w3w: ///disprove.clubs.ballroom
  2. The Bridleway

    This runs dead straight for 700m (760 yds).

    Lat:50° 54' 21.3'' N(50.905913°)
    Long:1° 54' 18.4'' W(-1.905109°)
    OSSU 06768 11832
    w3w: ///crass.glimmers.trembles
  3. Fork Right

    Take the right fork and immediately ...

    Lat:50° 54' 26.5'' N(50.907356°)
    Long:1° 54' 14.5'' W(-1.904017°)
    OSSU 06845 11993
    w3w: ///pokes.withdraws.skyrocket
  4. Throught the Gate

    ... go over the stile and on to the permissive path.

    Lat:50° 54' 27.5'' N(50.907646°)
    Long:1° 54' 13.2'' W(-1.903675°)
    OSSU 06869 12025
    w3w: ///shining.sweetly.scratches
  5. The Path

    The path here is indistinct to say the least. Head to the left of the two trees.

    Lat:50° 54' 29.7'' N(50.908257°)
    Long:1° 54' 10.2'' W(-1.90283°)
    OSSU 06928 12093
    w3w: ///musically.circles.relegate
  6. Past the Reeds

    Keep just uphill of the reedy patch and the path becomes easier to make out. The views from here are pretty good.

    Lat:50° 54' 30.4'' N(50.908449°)
    Long:1° 54' 5.7'' W(-1.901572°)
    OSSU 07016 12114
    w3w: ///curl.scatters.longingly
  7. The Path Down the Hill

    Head down hill to the gate at the bottom of the field, and go over the stile.

    Lat:50° 54' 31.8'' N(50.908836°)
    Long:1° 53' 59.6'' W(-1.899879°)
    OSSU 07135 12157
    w3w: ///eggshell.interest.exile
  8. Left on to Mill Lane

    At the bottom of the field entrance, turn left on to the byway know as Mill Lane.

    Lat:50° 54' 33.2'' N(50.909232°)
    Long:1° 53' 49.8'' W(-1.897159°)
    OSSU 07326 12202
    w3w: ///tailors.extensive.ripen
  9. Mill Lane

    Keep going along Mill Lane ...

    Lat:50° 54' 44.5'' N(50.912374°)
    Long:1° 54' 30.3'' W(-1.908404°)
    OSSU 06535 12550
    w3w: ///group.stored.meanwhile
  10. Castle Hill Lane

    ... until you come to the metalled road, Castle Hill Lane. Turn left up the hill.

    Lat:50° 54' 50.3'' N(50.913986°)
    Long:1° 55' 4.3'' W(-1.917863°)
    OSSU 05870 12729
    w3w: ///reply.mental.dries
  11. Cranborne Castle Entrance

    At the top of the hill, turn left and go through the gate to Cranborne Castle Scheduled Ancient Monument.

    Lat:50° 54' 48.2'' N(50.913398°)
    Long:1° 55' 6'' W(-1.91833°)
    OSSU 05837 12663
    w3w: ///movement.seated.socialite
  12. The Cranborne Castle Path

    Follow this path through the woods until it eventually opens out.

    Lat:50° 54' 45.9'' N(50.912747°)
    Long:1° 55' 1.7'' W(-1.917138°)
    OSSU 05921 12591
    w3w: ///greyhound.reckoned.change
  13. The Cranborne Castle Path

    There are a few unofficial paths off to the left cutting the corner, but the permissive route runs straight ahead almost to the trees in the distance.

    Lat:50° 54' 45'' N(50.912513°)
    Long:1° 54' 59'' W(-1.916381°)
    OSSU 05975 12565
    w3w: ///hydration.hounded.galleries
  14. Cranborne Castle

    The route to Cranborne Castle doubles back at this point. Return to this point once you have seen enough.

    Lat:50° 54' 44.7'' N(50.91242°)
    Long:1° 54' 55.1'' W(-1.915295°)
    OSSU 06051 12555
    w3w: ///
  15. Monro Drove

    Follow the path, known as Monro Drove, into the woods.

    Lat:50° 54' 44.7'' N(50.912413°)
    Long:1° 54' 53.4'' W(-1.914841°)
    OSSU 06083 12554
    w3w: ///loose.lessening.ditched
  16. Monro Drove

    Keep going along this track until you spot the gate at the end.

    Lat:50° 54' 35.2'' N(50.909782°)
    Long:1° 54' 29.2'' W(-1.908116°)
    OSSU 06556 12262
    w3w: ///distract.this.protrude
  17. Monro Drove

    Just before you get to the gate, turn sharp right up the slight rise.

    Lat:50° 54' 34.9'' N(50.909697°)
    Long:1° 54' 31.9'' W(-1.908867°)
    OSSU 06503 12252
    w3w: ///stretcher.storming.wiggles
  18. Turn Left

    Where the path divides, turn left following the waymark.

    Lat:50° 54' 31.1'' N(50.908642°)
    Long:1° 54' 39.2'' W(-1.910888°)
    OSSU 06361 12135
    w3w: ///overdrive.gems.neck
  19. Follow the Path

    Keep following the waymarks.

    Lat:50° 54' 29'' N(50.908067°)
    Long:1° 54' 36'' W(-1.910002°)
    OSSU 06424 12071
    w3w: ///plod.dearest.thankful
  20. Up the Slope

    When you see the gate into the field, turn left on to the overgrown path leading up hill. There is a waymark here, but it is badly placed and I found it ambiguous.

    Lat:50° 54' 21.7'' N(50.906031°)
    Long:1° 54' 38.5'' W(-1.910704°)
    OSSU 06375 11845
    w3w: ///organisms.betrayal.oils
  21. Over the Stile

    Go over the stile into the field and turn right.

    Lat:50° 54' 20.3'' N(50.905631°)
    Long:1° 54' 35.4'' W(-1.909828°)
    OSSU 06436 11800
    w3w: ///range.passport.unstated
  22. Keep Right

    There is no discernible path here. Keep to the right-hand side of the field, and watch your step as the ground is very uneven. Go over the stile into the next field.

    Lat:50° 54' 18.4'' N(50.905125°)
    Long:1° 54' 36.1'' W(-1.910036°)
    OSSU 06422 11744
    w3w: ///waving.splat.joints
  23. Down Past the Strip of Trees

    According to the estate's map the path runs down the right-hand side of the long row of trees in the middle of the field. The beaten track, such as it is, runs down the slightly damper left-hand side.

    Lat:50° 54' 14.6'' N(50.904064°)
    Long:1° 54' 38.6'' W(-1.910712°)
    OSSU 06374 11626
    w3w: ///unimpeded.snore.bunny
  24. Over the Stile

    Either way, when you reach the bottom end of the trees you will see the gate leading on to the road. Go over the stile, turn left and head back up the road to the start point.

    Lat:50° 54' 10.9'' N(50.903016°)
    Long:1° 54' 42.6'' W(-1.911847°)
    OSSU 06295 11509
    w3w: ///hero.booklet.interlude