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Take the Flevopark tram from central Amsterdam and get off at the terminus.

  1. Head into the park along the broad path to the right of the swimming pool complex. There is a small café in the park (which opens if there are enough people around) and much else to see, if you've the time.

    Lat:52° 21' 52.5'' N(52.364588°)
    Long:4° 57' 3.1'' E(4.950875°)
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  2. There are many possible routes through the park, but basically you need to head across to the far side keeping to the left along the water's edge.

    Lat:52° 21' 36.8'' N(52.360233°)
    Long:4° 57' 5.9'' E(4.951646°)
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  3. Head out of the park and on to Valentijnkade.

    Lat:52° 21' 30.7'' N(52.358528°)
    Long:4° 57' 6.8'' E(4.951902°)
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  4. Turn left, and then almost immediately right over the canal bridge. On the far side, turn left on to the busy cycle-way come footpath.

    Lat:52° 21' 29.2'' N(52.358111°)
    Long:4° 57' 8.1'' E(4.952239°)
    w3w: ///ranted.oils.disposal
  5. This runs alongside a canal called the Ooster Ringdijk. This was built around a lake called Watergraafsmeer in order that it could be drained and empoldered in 1629.

    Lat:52° 21' 29'' N(52.358046°)
    Long:4° 57' 10.5'' E(4.95291°)
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  6. The next stretch is not exactly pretty, and the traffic is very busy - despite the fact that there is nothing larger than a moped. I suggest keeping to the grass verges wherever possible, and getting it over with as quickly as possible.

    Lat:52° 21' 27'' N(52.357513°)
    Long:4° 57' 33'' E(4.959157°)
    w3w: ///types.pushing.shoppers
  7. Eventually you will pass some traditional green painted wooden Dutch houses after which the path bends round to the left ...

    Lat:52° 21' 24.3'' N(52.356739°)
    Long:4° 57' 42.8'' E(4.961898°)
    w3w: ///safest.during.fight
  8. ... and underneath the Zeeburgerbrug which carries the busy E35 Ringweg-Oost motorway over the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, which is now immediately in front of you.

    Lat:52° 21' 23.6'' N(52.35655°)
    Long:4° 57' 54.1'' E(4.96502°)
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  9. The next bridge along is the recently built Nesciobrug, a very elegant cycle and footbridge. Go up the stairs and on to the bridge.

    Lat:52° 21' 21.1'' N(52.355868°)
    Long:4° 58' 6.1'' E(4.968368°)
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  10. After the slog along the Ooster Ringdijk they feel like the stairway to heaven, not least because the bikes and pedestrians are segregated, and you can relax your guard.

    Lat:52° 21' 17.8'' N(52.354947°)
    Long:4° 58' 2.2'' E(4.967275°)
    w3w: ///magical.collect.noise
  11. There are grand views from the bridge over the nearby marinas and towards IJburg in the distance.

    Lat:52° 21' 24'' N(52.356675°)
    Long:4° 58' 11.1'' E(4.969751°)
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  12. Go down the steps at the far end and on to the Waterkeringpad; follow this along to the right until it meets the Diemerzeedijk and turn left. Note: The main cycle path heads off to your right at a T-junction towards IJburg but we don't want to go that way.

    Lat:52° 21' 24.2'' N(52.356734°)
    Long:4° 58' 19.3'' E(4.972022°)
    w3w: ///staked.habit.restore
  13. After about 300m you will come to a low bridge (the Hein de Haanbrug), that leads across to Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan in IJburg near the Vrijburcht theatre. The tram stop (Steigereiland) is at the far end of this road where you can catch the a tram back to the Centraal Station.

    Lat:52° 21' 36.6'' N(52.36018°)
    Long:4° 58' 25.6'' E(4.973782°)
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  14. But before doing so it is worth crossing the main road (IJburglaan) and walking up on to Sir Nicholas Grimshaw's beautiful Enneüs Heerma Bridge.

    Lat:52° 21' 49.2'' N(52.363668°)
    Long:4° 58' 47.4'' E(4.97983°)
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  15. From here there are fine views over Makenmeer and you really feel that you have reached the edge of the city.

    Lat:52° 21' 54.5'' N(52.365134°)
    Long:4° 58' 37.5'' E(4.977094°)
    w3w: ///reminder.claps.brittle