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Harting Down

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Follow the B2141 Chichester road south from South Harting. The car park is on your left at the top of the hill.

  1. Take the Upper Path

    From the gate out of the car park there are two routes along the ridge. My preference is to take the southern right-hand path on the way out, as the views are slightly better.

    Lat:50° 57' 26.9'' N(50.957459°)
    Long:0° 52' 29.1'' W(-0.87475°)
    OS:SU 79127 18162
    w3w: ///animals.ringside.aviators
  2. Keep Straight On

    Climb to the top of the ridge then, ignoring all turnings, carry straight on to the corner of the field on the other side of the valley.

    Lat:50° 57' 33.6'' N(50.95934°)
    Long:0° 52' 6.4'' W(-0.868431°)
    OS:SU 79568 18378
    w3w: ///
  3. Go Down the Hill

    Follow the path as it descends rapidly through the scrub.

    Lat:50° 57' 35.4'' N(50.959837°)
    Long:0° 51' 43.1'' W(-0.861973°)
    OS:SU 80020 18440
    w3w: ///polishing.stumps.phones
  4. Through the Second Gate

    Carry on down to the bottom of the hill going through two sets of gates and into Bramshott Bottom, the valley with the signpost.

    Lat:50° 57' 38.3'' N(50.960637°)
    Long:0° 51' 35.9'' W(-0.859971°)
    OS:SU 80159 18532
    w3w: ///walled.debut.kennels
  5. Turn right after 50m

    About 50m after the second gate, turn right on to the path than runs diagonally across the floor of the valley ...

    Lat:50° 57' 38.4'' N(50.960669°)
    Long:0° 51' 31.2'' W(-0.858676°)
    OS:SU 80250 18537
    w3w: ///insist.economics.weary
  6. Cross the Valley

    ... to join the farm track that rises steadily up the far side.

    Lat:50° 57' 32.9'' N(50.959144°)
    Long:0° 51' 26.3'' W(-0.857299°)
    OS:SU 80350 18368
    w3w: ///cleanser.happily.librarian
  7. Keep Straight On

    Keep following this track, ignoring the side turning, ...

    Lat:50° 57' 18.4'' N(50.955115°)
    Long:0° 51' 20'' W(-0.855543°)
    OS:SU 80480 17922
    w3w: ///stumpy.diverged.surprised
  8. Go Through the Gate

    ... through the gate, ...

    Lat:50° 57' 11.4'' N(50.953159°)
    Long:0° 51' 7.1'' W(-0.851979°)
    OS:SU 80734 17709
    w3w: ///simulator.freshen.toned
  9. Turn Left

    ... until you reach some woods. Turn left following the South Downs Way sign.

    Lat:50° 57' 7.9'' N(50.952183°)
    Long:0° 50' 58.3'' W(-0.849523°)
    OS:SU 80908 17603
    w3w: ///grasp.cheered.signs
  10. Turn left were the official path runs off to the right

    The official footpath runs round the edge of the hill to the bottom of the next valley were you turn left and climb steeply to the top of Beacon Hill.

    Lat:50° 57' 15.9'' N(50.954413°)
    Long:0° 50' 59.8'' W(-0.849955°)
    OS:SU 80874 17850
    w3w: ///memory.exist.profited
  11. The Dog Leg

    However, if you dog-leg left and then right when you reach the indistinct remains of the Hill Fort walls, there is a well beaten path that leads direct to the summit, avoiding the steep climb.

    Lat:50° 57' 21'' N(50.955829°)
    Long:0° 51' 2.1'' W(-0.850571°)
    OS:SU 80828 18007
    w3w: ///throat.cobbles.scatters
  12. Past the Trig Point

    After passing the sleeping fairy, stop to take in the stupendous views from the summit, and then follow the path off to the left past the Trig Point.

    Lat:50° 57' 32'' N(50.958882°)
    Long:0° 51' 6.6'' W(-0.851826°)
    OS:SU 80734 18345
    w3w: ///twee.ticking.ringers
  13. The Signpost

    This soon drops steeply down the side of the hill into Bramshott Bottom, the valley with the signpost.

    Lat:50° 57' 37.3'' N(50.960348°)
    Long:0° 51' 20.5'' W(-0.855699°)
    OS:SU 80460 18504
    w3w: ///recorder.treetop.firepower
  14. Past the Signpost

    From the signpost, the gradients on the northern right-hand path are slightly easier.

    Lat:50° 57' 39.7'' N(50.961037°)
    Long:0° 51' 28.9'' W(-0.858015°)
    OS:SU 80296 18578
    w3w: ///crate.shine.rivals
  15. Take the Right-hand Path

    Once you come out of the woods there is not much to choose between the two paths back to the car park.

    Lat:50° 57' 36.5'' N(50.960143°)
    Long:0° 51' 51.6'' W(-0.864343°)
    OS:SU 79853 18472
    w3w: ///elbowing.shrug.passions