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Old Winchester Hill

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Follow the brown sign in Warnford village up Hayden Lane. There is a small car park on your right.

  1. Take the path to the right of the sign

    If, like me, you are in a hurry to see the view, take the narrow path to the right of the display board.

    Lat:50° 59' 17.8'' N(50.988278°)
    Long:1° 4' 53.7'' W(-1.081594°)
    OS:SU 64557 21388
    w3w: ///save.grower.proposals
  2. Left at the Fence

    At the end of the path turn left.

    Lat:50° 59' 16.3'' N(50.987861°)
    Long:1° 4' 55.2'' W(-1.081999°)
    OS:SU 64529 21342
    w3w: ///cocoons.clouds.prude
  3. Take the Upper Path

    When you reach the south -east corner of the site, follow the path round to the right. The upper path is usually dryer. Watch out for cyclists though.

    Lat:50° 58' 58'' N(50.982775°)
    Long:1° 4' 45.1'' W(-1.079204°)
    OS:SU 64732 20778
    w3w: ///puppy.lost.dimension
  4. Keep Straight On

    Unless you are a fan of stiff uphill climbs, keep straight on. We will come back via the path on the right.

    Lat:50° 58' 56.9'' N(50.982476°)
    Long:1° 4' 48.4'' W(-1.080114°)
    OS:SU 64669 20744
    w3w: ///instead.acclaimed.reduction
  5. Go Through the Gate

    Ignore the path on your left signposted South Downs Way. Go through the gate and then turn left.

    Lat:50° 58' 49.8'' N(50.980502°)
    Long:1° 5' 4.7'' W(-1.084631°)
    OS:SU 64355 20521
    w3w: ///spell.goad.crossings
  6. Straight On

    We have now reached the old Hill Fort. My preferred route is to head straight to the walls along the southern flank to take in the views and then to return through the middle. Other routes are available.

    Lat:50° 58' 49.1'' N(50.980301°)
    Long:1° 5' 7.3'' W(-1.08535°)
    OS:SU 64304 20498
    w3w: ///collide.spun.radiating
  7. Turn Right to Visit the Centre of the Fort

    Turn right where the footpath up from Exton crosses the walls if you want to visit the centre of the fort. Keep straight on if you want to carry on along the walls.

    Lat:50° 58' 51.9'' N(50.981087°)
    Long:1° 5' 25.8'' W(-1.090504°)
    OS:SU 63942 20581
    w3w: ///pinks.minus.extent
  8. Turn Left at Before the Gate

    When you get back to the gate, you can either go back the way we came or turn left before the gate and head down the steps.

    Lat:50° 58' 50.3'' N(50.98065°)
    Long:1° 5' 6.2'' W(-1.085043°)
    OS:SU 64326 20537
    w3w: ///uttering.lately.uniforms
  9. Down the Steps

    Going this way involves a stiff climb down the side of the hill followed by a slow and steady climb back up again. The views, however, more than compensate.

    Lat:50° 58' 51.1'' N(50.980874°)
    Long:1° 5' 1.3'' W(-1.083705°)
    OS:SU 64419 20563
    w3w: ///novels.tingled.importers
  10. Turn Right and go Through Gate

    Where the path meets the waymarked Circular Walk, turn right and go through the gate.

    Lat:50° 58' 58.6'' N(50.98295°)
    Long:1° 4' 54.9'' W(-1.08191°)
    OS:SU 64542 20795
    w3w: ///insist.sticking.samplers
  11. The Circular Walk

    The Circular Walk takes you right down to the bottom of the valley and then back up again. A challenging walk that is beyond the scope of this web site, or at least of its author.

    Lat:50° 59' 0.2'' N(50.983378°)
    Long:1° 4' 57.3'' W(-1.082589°)
    OS:SU 64494 20842
    w3w: ///little.lock.gong
  12. Fork Left

    Where the path divides, take the left fork.

    Lat:50° 58' 57'' N(50.982495°)
    Long:1° 4' 51.7'' W(-1.08103°)
    OS:SU 64605 20746
    w3w: ///speeding.processes.spoiler
  13. Go Through the Gate to Look North

    When you get back to the south-east corner, you can take a short diversion down to the road to take in the view to the east towards Petersfield.

    Lat:50° 59' 0.6'' N(50.98349°)
    Long:1° 4' 41.6'' W(-1.078214°)
    OS:SU 64801 20859
    w3w: ///shuffles.format.marsh