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White Nothe


Park in the large National Trust North Down car park, preferably towards the far end.

  1. The End of the Car Park

    Go through the gate at the far end of the car park.

    Lat:50° 38' 23.9'' N(50.639961°)
    Long:2° 20' 23.5'' W(-2.339851°)
    OS:SY 76064 82309
    w3w: ///fencing.flaked.laugh
  2. The Route Ahead

    From the top of the hill, you can see most of the walk laid out in front of you.

    Lat:50° 38' 20.4'' N(50.638995°)
    Long:2° 20' 16'' W(-2.337771°)
    OS:SY 76211 82201
    w3w: ///private.upwardly.udder
  3. Through the Gate

    Where the road bends to the right, go through the gate and follow the track up the hill. Note: Our route back is over the stile to the right of the gate.

    Lat:50° 38' 12.3'' N(50.636751°)
    Long:2° 20' 4.8'' W(-2.334655°)
    OS:SY 76430 81950
    w3w: ///coconut.powers.disprove
  4. Past the Barn

    Keep on up the hill past Sea Barn.

    Lat:50° 38' 9.5'' N(50.635973°)
    Long:2° 19' 56.7'' W(-2.332428°)
    OS:SY 76587 81863
    w3w: ///thinking.liquid.rise
  5. Round to the Gate

    At the top of the hill, follow the track round to the right and through the gate.

    Lat:50° 38' 0.6'' N(50.633494°)
    Long:2° 19' 25'' W(-2.323625°)
    OS:SY 77208 81584
    w3w: ///legroom.eaten.relations
  6. Straight On

    Ignore the private track on your right and carry on along the top of the ridge.

    Lat:50° 37' 57.1'' N(50.632534°)
    Long:2° 19' 23.3'' W(-2.32313°)
    OS:SY 77243 81477
    w3w: ///dine.clever.prune
  7. Right Hand Gate, Chaldon Down, ,

    Go through the right-hand gate and on to Chaldon Down open access land. Head across the field until you see the top of the beacon.

    Lat:50° 37' 43.1'' N(50.628631°)
    Long:2° 18' 44.6'' W(-2.312398°)
    OS:SY 78000 81040
    w3w: ///panels.intelligible.acquaint
  8. The Gate by the Beacon,

    Go through the gate to the right of the beacon.

    Lat:50° 37' 40.2'' N(50.627846°)
    Long:2° 18' 40'' W(-2.311112°)
    OS:SY 78091 80953
    w3w: ///clearly.surpasses.notice
  9. A Beacon

    You may want to take a short detour to examine the beacon in more detail. If not, turn right along the coastal path.

    Lat:50° 37' 38.7'' N(50.627422°)
    Long:2° 18' 34.2'' W(-2.30951°)
    OS:SY 78204 80905
    w3w: ///thinkers.thrilled.amphibian
  10. Over the Causeway

    The views from White Nothe are splendid and it is well worth detouring over the causeway across the ditch surrounding the headland.

    Lat:50° 37' 39.4'' N(50.62762°)
    Long:2° 19' 22.6'' W(-2.322957°)
    OS:SY 77253 80931
    w3w: ///reputable.settled.spark
  11. Jeremy Willson Bench White Nothe

    The Jeremy Willson Memorial Bench is a very welcome resting place with magnificent views.

    Lat:50° 37' 35.2'' N(50.626457°)
    Long:2° 19' 19.1'' W(-2.321966°)
    OS:SY 77322 80801
    w3w: ///secretly.appealing.testy
  12. White Nothe Cottages and Look Out

    The World War 2 look out is not a thing of beauty, but is watertight if you get caught in a hail shower as I did.

    Lat:50° 37' 36.5'' N(50.62681°)
    Long:2° 19' 23.4'' W(-2.323157°)
    OS:SY 77238 80841
    w3w: ///theory.darts.kinks
  13. Back Over the Causeway,

    Retrace your steps and head round the left-hand side of the cottages.

    Lat:50° 37' 40'' N(50.627787°)
    Long:2° 19' 24.4'' W(-2.323452°)
    OS:SY 77218 80950
    w3w: ///lion.meaty.skip
  14. Round the Wall

    Keep along the coastal path.

    Lat:50° 37' 40'' N(50.627787°)
    Long:2° 19' 24.4'' W(-2.323452°)
    OS:SY 77218 80950
    w3w: ///lion.meaty.skip
  15. Head Right

    Go through the gate and take the faint path off to the right, not the one heading down the hill.

    Lat:50° 37' 59.6'' N(50.633236°)
    Long:2° 19' 55.1'' W(-2.331968°)
    OS:SY 76618 81558
    w3w: ///saucepan.speeded.medium
  16. Round the Back of the House

    Head round the back of the house and across to the stile in the corner. The path becomes very indistinct here.

    Lat:50° 38' 7.2'' N(50.635335°)
    Long:2° 19' 59.5'' W(-2.333206°)
    OS:SY 76532 81792
    w3w: ///grant.beginning.fetching
  17. Through the Gate

    Go over the stile and retrace your steps to the car park.

    Lat:50° 38' 11.1'' N(50.636418°)
    Long:2° 20' 3.6'' W(-2.334338°)
    OS:SY 76452 81913
    w3w: ///treble.moped.evolution