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Worbarrow and Tyneham


There is a large car park in the village

  1. Car Park Gate Tyneham

    Head out of the car park by the gate on the south side leading to the farm buildings.

    Lat:50° 37' 15.5'' N(50.620969°)
    Long:2° 10' 6.1'' W(-2.168365°)
    OS:SY 88186 80155
    w3w: ///looked.logged.shapeless
  2. Take Left hand Path

    Go over the stile and take the left-hand path, keeping between the yellow markers.

    Lat:50° 37' 13.3'' N(50.620363°)
    Long:2° 10' 5.6'' W(-2.168226°)
    OS:SY 88195 80088
    w3w: ///catapult.pipes.exhale
  3. Between the Posts

    Follow this track to the bottom of the hill where it swings round to the right and starts climbing.

    Lat:50° 37' 11.4'' N(50.61984°)
    Long:2° 10' 3'' W(-2.167491°)
    OS:SY 88247 80029
    w3w: ///ripen.replying.superbly
  4. Zigzag Track, Tyneham

    Keep following this track as it zig-zags up the hill.

    Lat:50° 37' 4.8'' N(50.617998°)
    Long:2° 10' 1.8'' W(-2.16716°)
    OS:SY 88270 79825
    w3w: ///galaxy.dreamers.hypnotist
  5. Zigzag Track, Tyneham

    Keep climbing; not much further.

    Lat:50° 37' 1.1'' N(50.616959°)
    Long:2° 10' 1.2'' W(-2.166991°)
    OS:SY 88282 79709
    w3w: ///iron.submerge.angel
  6. Right up Hill Tyneham

    Go over the stile and turn sharp right up the hill keeping parallel to the fence.

    Lat:50° 37' 0.1'' N(50.616687°)
    Long:2° 9' 57.7'' W(-2.166018°)
    OS:SY 88350 79679
    w3w: ///latitudes.trickles.shall
  7. Right over Style Tyneham

    When you reach the cliff edge, turn right and go over the stile.

    Lat:50° 36' 59.1'' N(50.616403°)
    Long:2° 9' 57.7'' W(-2.166018°)
    OS:SY 88350 79647
    w3w: ///zest.amplified.another
  8. Down to Worbarrow Bay

    After a glorious, long, fairly level stretch along the top of the cliffs, the path starts to descend steeply down into the bay (care needed).

    Lat:50° 36' 57.4'' N(50.615947°)
    Long:2° 10' 50.7'' W(-2.180755°)
    OS:SY 87308 79599
    w3w: ///keyboards.imprinted.catchers
  9. Worbarrow

    At the bottom of the hill, turn left onto the wide track that leads down to the beach.

    Lat:50° 37' 1.2'' N(50.616989°)
    Long:2° 11' 1.1'' W(-2.183642°)
    OS:SY 87104 79715
    w3w: ///armrests.gangway.suspends
  10. Worbarrow Tout

    If you have the legs to tackle Worbarrow Tout, the path to the top is straight ahead. If not, turn right and head down to the beach.

    Lat:50° 37' 0.1'' N(50.61669°)
    Long:2° 11' 3.4'' W(-2.184279°)
    OS:SY 87059 79682
    w3w: ///dancer.gong.sprayed
  11. Movable Target

    Leave the beach and head back up the main track to the village. On your right, you may spot the movable target mechanism.

    Lat:50° 37' 7.4'' N(50.618715°)
    Long:2° 10' 47.5'' W(-2.17986°)
    OS:SY 87372 79906
    w3w: ///kickbacks.skid.then
  12. Tyneham

    Turn left at the Woodland Path sign and follow the path back to the car park through Tyneham Gwyle, a very ancient and beautiful wood.

    Lat:50° 37' 14.5'' N(50.620706°)
    Long:2° 10' 16.8'' W(-2.17132°)
    OS:SY 87976 80126
    w3w: ///investors.fruity.union