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At one time I used to offer two versions of my pushpins: A set of hand-crafted ones maintained in Google Earth, and a rather crude set of computer generated ones.

I steadily improved the code behind the computer-generated ones until in March 2011, I decided that there was no longer any point in struggling to maintain the manual sets.

The last of those sets is still available below, but if you want the up-to-date ones, please visit the current version of this page


Google Earth

To download one of the sets of Google Earth Push-pins linked to the relevant pages on this site, please select a type, a country and click the Download Now button.

My Google Earth pushpins come in two varieties:

Lovingly hand-crafted sets of pushpins with sample photographs (Recommended). The pins are organised into tours with the camera viewpoints set to the best available positions, and the routes of all the walks are included. These were last updated 24th Mar 2011.
The alternative, is dynamically computer generated sets. These are up-to-date, but are in alphabetical order within County and do not include the routes.

Both will open directly in Google Earth. If you haven't got Google Earth go to to download a copy of this excellent application. I can't recommend it too highly. Note: If you want to create a network link, please use the following URL