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August 2018

A real castle and a couple that aren't to start this month off:

July 2018

Two short articles this month:

Also some photos from last year's Isle of Wight Classic Busses, Beer & Walks Festival.

June 2018

Sorry. Got tied up in sorting out the last of the negatives, so nothing new this month.

May 2018

New this month, an article on Farnham Castle in Surrey.

In light of GDPR, I should perhaps point out that the irregular newsletters I used to send out have been defunct for some time now. The mailing list and all related data has been deleted.

April 2018

And I'm back.

Apologies for the lack of up dates recently. I've been head down in the scans of my old negatives and turning them into photo-books.

Now I've time to finish going through what's left from last year, and to get out and take some more photos.

First up this month, the Rural Life Centre near Farnham in Surrey.

December 2017

Nothing new this month I'm afraid. Busy with Christmas and sorting through a whole lot of old negatives I've just had scanned.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


November 2017

So far this month I've finished writting up the places in Ceredigion, Wales I visited earlier this year:

October 2017

Only one new article this month, but it's a long one on the National Trust's Llanerchaeron estate in Ceredigion, Wales.

September 2017

Four short gazetteer entries to kick this month off:

Followed by three places in Ceridigion, Wales:

August 2017

New this month:

July 2017

New this month: the Isle of Wight Bus & Coach Museum.

Together with three places in the Petworth area of Sussex:

And two in South Wales:

June 2017

New for this month Petworth House in Sussex.

Also two short items on the nearby Cocking History Column and the Duncton Viewpoint.