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What do I need to view the site?


The site is optimised for Mozilla Firefox on Windows running at 800x600 screen resolution or higher.

The site makes use of JavaScript, and the games and slide shows will not work without it. There are also one or two other minor functions that do not work all that well without it.

You may have difficulty viewing some information if you have popup stopping software running on your PC. I would strongly recommend Spybot Search & Destroy ( if you are having problems with popups.

I currently test in Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9 onwards, and the most recent versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome , and Opera on Windows. It seems to work OK, apart from the following known problems:

I regret to say that I do not currently have access to a Mac and cannot, therefore, say if all of the site will work satisfactorily on that platform or in the current Safari browser. I have, however, used the excellent Browsershots web site to check a sample of pages.

I optimised the site for mobile phones using my Samsung Galaxy SIII Android phone. I do not have access to an iPhone.

Please do email me at if you come across any problems.