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This site was originally written to be viewed on a desktop computer at a resolution of 800 x 600 in the days when CRT screens with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or above were a luxury. It has subsequently been adapted to be responsive and works more or less okay on mobile phones, but is less successful on small tablets.

This of course is the wrong way to do things; you're supposed to design for mobile first and expand the site up, thus presenting laptop users with bags of white space to look at and a largely content free experience. However, the site is too old and too set in its ways (as, some may say, is its webmaster) to contemplate such a complete bottom up redesign.

The minimum screen width I have tested is 360px, and I suspect anything smaller would mess things up.

Although most of the site is accessible after a fashion without using JavaScript, the Slide Show, Games and one or two other functions cannot be made to work without it.

You may have difficulty viewing some information if you have popup stopping software running on your PC. I would highly recommend Spybot Search & Destroy ( if you are having problems with pop-ups.

I develop the site in the up-to-date copy of Firefox and currently test in the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge on Windows.

I regret to say that I do not have access to a Mac and cannot, therefore, say if all of the site will work satisfactorily on that platform or in the current Safari browser.

I optimised the site for mobile using Chrome on my Samsung Galaxy Android phone. I do not have access to an iPhone.

Please do email me at if you come across any problems.