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St Finian's Bay (Bá Fhíonáin)



Kerry Map

Last Visited: 1998

St Finian's Bay

St Finian's Bay

On the map the term St Finanʼs Bay applies to the whole of the bay between Ducalla Head and Puffin Island. On the ground the signposts to St Finianʼs Bay lead to the little beach below the settlement of Keel.

St Finan, Finian or Fionan (one of at least six of that name) was a follower of St Brendan, and is is attributed with founding the monastery on Skellig Michael dedicated to him. He is also credited with being the founder abbot of a monastery in Kinitty, Offaly.

A wonderfully remote area consisting of only a few houses, the ruins of a church and a chocolate factory.